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Custom Containers

How you plan to use your shipping containers will determine specific feature requirements you may have. Variables include container size, swing-out doors, windows, custom floors, shelving, or air conditioning & heating. You can customize your shipping containers in a variety of ways – let us help!

Container Sales

We sell new and used shipping containers to fit every budget. We want to help your company save money, or help you save money on your home. You can use shipping containers for homes, offices, restaurants, stores, and more! You will save money, while preventing used shipping containers from rusting in a storage yard.


If your business runs into shipping complications, like a load shift, improper loading and securing of freight, or even damaged containers or trailers, we can reload your freight so that you can get to the customer without a setback. We can transload your freight by means of forklift, pallet jack, or even by hand!

The Many Uses of Shipping Containers


If you’re trying to build a home, save some money, and be environmentally conscious, shipping containers are your answer. Many people have started…

Portable Workshop

Do you need a place to keep all your tools? Maybe you reload gun ammo or work on car parts and your garage is full of the family’s memories…

School Building or Wing

A school in California used shipping containers to add a new, eco-conscious wing to their school building. They chose shipping containers because of…

Swimming Pool

You can merge and adjust multiple shipping containers to create the perfect pool for you and your family. Each container can range from…


If you have a pest problem in or around your garden, consider using shipping containers to create your own affordable greenhouse in…

Secure Storage

Shipping containers can provide a secure storage area for personal use, or even for job sites and businesses. You can make your shipping container…

Whether you want to purchase a new or used shipping container, need a customized container, or need help transloading your freight – we are here to help. Our mission is to help our customers provide the best service and save people time & money with our environmentally-conscious uses for shipping containers.

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